A photo of smiling members of The Clagett Pell Bridge Run Team in 2018

Pell Bridge Run Team

Clagett Sailing will partake in the 2023 Pell Bridge Run!

October 15, 2023

Be sure to register for the team "Clagett" After registering- it will prompt you to answer the “special question” which will ask if you’d like to join a team. TYPE IN “Clagett”

Q: What is it? 

A: The annual Pell Bridge Run (PBR). Each year members of the Clagett Sailing team get together, wake up before the sun rises and walk or run across Newport's iconic Pell Bridge to raise money for disabled sailors.  Click here for more information on the event.

Q: Who does this benefit?

A: The Pell Bridge Run directly benefits Clagett sailors. When you sign up as part of the Clagett Sailing Team, a portion of your entry fee will be received by Clagett Sailing.

This is the only time individuals are allowed on Newport's iconic Pell Bridge.

Q: When is this event? 

A: The morning of October 15th, 2023. For members of The Clagett Team the event is followed by a breakfast reception.

Q: Why should I join? 

A: Participating as a member of Clagett Sailing's team is a perfect way to join The Clagett family and support our mission and vision! It is also a wonderful way to stay in touch and active during the fall. 

Clagett Sailing's Pell Bridge Run Team is growing constantly and we would love to add members! 


Bam and Karen Miller crossing the finish line at the Pell Bridge Run in 2017 carrying The Clagett Regatta banner
The Clagett Pell Bridge Run Team at the starting line for the 2017 Pell Bridge Run