A photo of tables at The Clagett Fundraiser in 2016

Clagett Sailing and

Aces for Rhode Island

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We hope to participate in Aces for Rhode Island in the Future. Watch this page for updates.

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At the 2019 Hall of Fame Open, every ace fired off by the pros will mean more than just a point on the scoreboard – with your support, it will also generate much needed funds to support Rhode Island non-profits – including Clagett Sailing.

Simply click below to make a pledge per ace in Clagett’s name. Pledges start at a minimum .05 cents per ace – or more! With approximately 350 – 400 aces expected, your .05 cent pledge will equate to an approximately $20 donation.

Your contribution will go towards helping Clagett Sailing fulfill its mission!

Donations will be calculated and collected in late July.


The Clagett Regatta is participating in Aces for Rhode Island